An Email from a Truth-seeker 4/19/2016

Book_of_the_Remnant_2(The email was cleaned up a bit to correct a few misspellings.  Published with permission.)

Probably around 18 months ago my wife and I went to dinner with another couple that we had gotten to know well.  They brought along with them another friend.   It turned out that this friend claimed that she lived without a veil.   So being the redneck smart-ass that I enjoy being sometimes I began to ask her questions about the scriptures and the end time servant.   Anyway to make a long story short she said that all she could say to me was to keep searching for truth.   She said that I should find a light blue book with gold lettering on it and that it contained very old information that was more or less a summation of the scriptures.   I went on a wild goose chase for a while after that trying to find this book.   I eventually decided that if i needed this book that it would somehow find me, and I forgot about it.

I got the Book of Remnant yesterday.  I had my wife bring it out to me in the tractor and I made it to page 11.   The spirit spoke to me in plainness as I was reading and I immediately began pulling information that had been floating around in my head and began to weave it all together.    Frank’s book is real and it is true.

I got home last night and my wife asked me what I thought of the book.   I didn’t know what to say or how to say it because my wife has been so patient with me on this journey and it has tested
Book_of_the_Remnant_6everything she has ever known because of the way the LDS church teaches.   I took the book out of the packaging that it had come in, she hadn’t seen the actual book until then because of the packaging it had come in.   I took the book out and set it down and tried to find words that would put her mind at ease.   Before I could say a word she looked at the book and said to me, do you realize that this is the book you have been looking for.    It hadn’t even dawned on me until then that it was the book that I had been looking for and had forgotten about.
I began this journey in the fall of 2011 when the Spirit directed me to stop at a man’s house that I drive by on a regular basis.   I had never spoken to this man before and knew very little about him other than the entire ward had basically shunned him.   I saw him in his driveway one day and I pulled in, stepped out of my truck and said, “My name is *****   ******  and you don’t know me from Adam, but you have information in your head that i need to know, will you teach me.”    We have since become very close friends.

Anyway to make a long story short I want to say thank you to you and Frank and everyone else involved in this.   I don’t know where things are heading with this but I’m excited and grateful to be a part it.    —The person wishes to remain anonymous for now (writing from his tractor)

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