I Was Born Unto the Remnant

Having contemplated much concerning the writings of the fathers, and much having been written of the tribulations and afflictions over the course of the lives of the fathers, each and everyone , I am given to ponder upon my life , and especially to know of the journeying of each one, they having given in written form concerning themselves, I am given to write somewhat concerning my journeying. I am hopeful that this writing shall cause reflection for some unto much pondering of their lives , in hopes that much has been done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to the which we have come upon this earth. I am a witness of truth and understanding of great knowledge as it pertains to the purpose of the Lord concerning the covenant people; and much is written concerning this thing that the covenant people in a day acceptable and determined in the pre-mortal existence of God’s children , that the work of the Father might again move in the earth to bring again the covenant people of the Lord. To this understanding , I do reflect on my life, and I desire to give a glance in the beginning of my life to the present time to show how the Lord did favor my life unto the which I am born.  Continue Reading (PDF, 11 MB)


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