What are the true point of the Doctrine of Christ?

January 25, 2016 – What are the true points of the Doctrine of Christ? – It is imperative and important for any man having reached a high level of righteousness to know of the true points of the doctrine of Christ for the which all things are done on earth and in heaven.  To believe that a mere act of partial obedience is a prelude to heavenly manifestation, is secular and contrary to the laws of heaven for the which all is done in the name of Christ to the Father, who is in heaven.  In the pre-restorative period of the Gentile time, men reading the Geneva Bible made conclusions that certain things of religious actions were not in accord with what is written; therefore reformation occurred and religious men of that period protested against the established religious order.  That reformation caused a great migration to occur to the Land of Promise, and thence the Gentile restoration came to pass, which restoration has since become diluted, much like in that period of the original Gentile reformation.  Wherein that Gentile restoration, a falling away has occurred because of the falseness of actions and the breaking of the restored everlasting covenant in accord with what is written and prophesied concerning them, the Gentile.

Speaking of the gospel of Jesus Christ, which gospel for the which the Christ was crucified… (continue by reading PDF).

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