The Book of The Remnant has been spread throughout the world.  In addition to the witnesses below, the Book of the Remnant itself contains three witnesses as to the truthfullness of the book.  We receive various testimonies to it’s truthfullness periodically, but the space below is for you to add your testimony, in your own words in a way that testifies to everyone who comes to this page that you chose not to hide your testimony, and fear man (for many have anonymous testimonies), but instead fear God, and seek His truth, His work and His glory.


3 thoughts on “Testimonies

  1. I would like to add my testimony that the Book of the Remnant is true. Those of you who know and understand the Book of Mormon know that the Remnant are the Adopters to the Gentiles who will, if they repent, be Adopted into the House of Israel. It’s a crucial part of God’s plan today that the Remnant Seed (spoken of in the BOM) be re-established, as part of prophecy. -Kelly Gneiting

  2. The Book of Remnant is the word of God and Frank Talker is the “choice seer” spoken of in scripture (JST, Genesis 50:27, 2nd Nephi 2:7) and the Holy Ghost testifies to me of this truth. The true points of doctrine are laid out clearly in the Book of Remnant as revealed through revelation. The building up of Zion must commence in these last days and the “One Mighty and Strong” and other remnant of the seed of Lehi, will lead the “marvelous work” to take place with this gathering of all the scattered outcasts of the House of Israel. I pray that the spirit of God is poured out on all who come to know these truths. I know the Book of Remnant is scripture and it gives me hope and strength to know that the Lord works through men and women on earth still today and that miracles continue by the the hand of the Lord. – Andrew Bradley

  3. The “Marvelous Work and Wonder” spoken of began with Joseph Smith, but it will end when Remnant Israel–the House of Joseph– is restored. The Book of the Remnant is the primary means for bringing this about. The testimony of the Holy Ghost as to the Book’s truthfulness is throughout it’s pages. As one reads, he ventures away from the philosophy of men, and into the wilderness, where he finds the doctrine of Christ–that beautiful Pearl of Great Price. I have been many times visibly shaken by the Spirit while reading this true and holy doctrine in the pages of the Book of the Remnant, for which I will never deny.

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