Book of the Remnant


The Book of the Remnant is written to the Remnant, the children of Lehi, the house of Judah, the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel and to the Gentile People who are numbered with the seed of Nephi.  It is another testament of the Lord Jesus Christ and a scriptural companion to the Book of Mormon.

Portions of the Book of the Remnant that we are allowing online. Books are in PDF format.

Book 1: Preface 1
Book 2: The Church of Christ in these Days
Book 3: What does Isaiah Mean in 2 Nephi 13:15
Book 4: Times of the Gentiles & Times of Israel
Book 5: Children to Rule in the Day of Israel
Book 6: Times & Seasons
Book 7: This Day
Book 8: Behold Elijah Shall Come to My People, Even as Was Spoken
Book 9: Chronology of the Sons of God from Adam to Abraham
Book 10: Covenant People of the Lord Inter-marriage with the Canaanites and Gentiles (Not available at this time)
Book 11: The Migration
Book 12: The Reflections of the Gospel of Christ and the Resultant Blessings of the Remnant Restoration
Book 13: Meeting of the First Elders of Israel
Book 14: A Dream
Book 15: A Judgment
Book 16: The Word of the Lord
Book 17: Man of Sin Revealed, Perdition
Book 18: Youth
Book 19: Awake and Awake, Put on Thy Strength
Book 20: Nellis Air Force Base —Las Vegas, Nevada
Book 21: Prayer to Dedicate and Consecrate the land of Adam-Ondi-Ahman
Book 22: I was born unto the Remnant (the Story of Frank Talker)


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One thought on “Book of the Remnant

  1. I would like to add my testimony that the Book of the Remnant is true. Those of you who know and understand the Book of Mormon know that the Remnant are the Adopters to the Gentiles who will, if they repent, be Adopted into the House of Israel. It’s a crucial part of God’s plan today that the Remnant Seed (spoken of in the BOM) be re-established, as part of prophecy.

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