Who is the Remnant?


Tree of Life, with water dividing one land from another, symbolic of Father Lehi’s journey.

The Remnant are the children of the Book of Mormon peoples.  They are the children of Lehi and Sariah, and are generally divided into two groups: the children of Laman and Lemuel (Lamanites), and the children of Nephi, Sam, Joseph and Jacob (Nephites).  Most of the remaining children of Lehi are Lamanites (Ephraim), but a few are Nephites (Manasseh). Originally the ministry belonged to Laman and Lemuel, as the older brothers, but fell upon Nephi because of his righteousness, and Laman and Lemuel’s wickedness.

Similarly, today the Times of the Gentiles are over, and Manasseh (Nephites, few) has a work to do for Ephraim (Lamanites, many), and the whole of the House of Israel.

(Please read 2 Nephi 25:21, 2 Nephi 29:2, and 3 Nephi, Chapter 15)

Preface to the Book of the Remnant  PDF

September 11, 2011

1 The Spirit of the Lord came unto me and told me: Ye are commanded to put into a book all the things I have commanded you to write, which things came unto thee by way of the Holy Ghost, which cometh from the Father. Wherefore ye are commanded to write and bind all the things ye have written into a book, compiling all things, for the day will surely come when these things shall be read by those who seek the truth, as thou hast.

2 I tell thee that I have commanded all my servants from since the beginning to write, and they have written, and some of the things which are written ye have before you, and they have given thee light and understanding. It is for this intent that I the Lord command things to be written, that these may be like unto the Liahona, to guide man through the mist of darkness of which thy father wrote.

3 But the Spirit did further tell me that by the things which are written all men shall be judged of God. Were it not so then they would not be held accountable for that which they know not. But God does not work in confusion, and knows which path he has proposed, that his church in all ages might proceed.

4 Thus I am commanded, that all men shall have the privilege to read the things I have written, that they might come to an understanding of how God works, even in these days, and that men shall be inspired by revelations which cometh from God pertaining to things to come, that they might come to understand things as they were, things present, and that God is the same today, yesterday and forever.

5 We are left to lift up an ensign unto the nations of the Gentiles, for the prophets of old say: Hear ye indeed, and understand; behold see ye indeed, and perceive what hath been written.

6 And these things are written that ye may see with your eyes, and hear with your ears, and understand with your hearts great blessings that the Lord hath purposed for you in these days.

7 For we are the branch broken off spoken of in holy writ, which hath become wild contrary to nature, yet we are grafted back into our mother tree from whence we were broken off, that the promises might be fulfilled.

8 For I write and testify of these things, and it cometh not from a Gentile; wherefore, know that this hath been fulfilled as prophesied by the fathers.

9 Wherefore, the Spirit of truth telleth me that if men mock the things I have been commanded to write, then by that same judgment shall they be judged by him from whence all the things I have written cometh. Let the Gentiles judge and say that what is written cometh of the devil, for ye sit not with them.

10 Thus they speak, for they understand not the dealings of the Lord, nor do they comprehend what is written that I have commanded thee to write. Nevertheless, fear God in keeping whatsoever ye are commanded to perform, knowing that God knoweth all things, and there is not anything which he knoweth not.

11 Trust not in the arm of flesh, or what man may think; for such thinking cometh of the devil, for the devil seeks to destroy mankind, for he has sought to destroy the work of the Lord from before the foundation of the world.

12 Wherefore, do as ye are commanded and much righteousness and blessings shall come to thy seed and to the seed of thy father Joseph, for which thing all the fathers have written, that ye might know of truths hidden, even truths revealed unto thee which truth comes from the well of living waters. And that truth will give eternal life unto all those who read and abide by what is written.

13 Yea, I have given thee knowledge from time to time. Wherefore, prepare thyself to receive greater knowledge as it is contained in the records of the fathers, many of which are sealed to teach thee that which must shortly come to pass, and the manner and means wherewith I have prepared all things.

14 And I do this thing that thou might testify of these things; for I tell thee that many evil men shall tempt thee to tell of things they need not know, for they seek not to understand truth but the combination of Cain, to destroy the agency of man.

15 Wherefore, the day is shortly to come. And in that day the things written shall be understood and comprehended by my people, which I the Lord have decreed. Behold, I command, and they shall be written, that all may know that I the Lord do my work to fulfil the promises made unto the fathers for their children.

16 For I have, over a period of time, turned thy heart to thy fathers that I smite not the earth with an eternal curse. Wherefore, do what ye are commanded that ye may fulfil the decrees of God. Amen.

September 12, 2011 –

History of the Writer

17 I am given to understand that I am to give a small history of myself, paying particular attention to the things I have learned by way of the Spirit which learning has come from God the Eternal Father, that I might know to choose righteousness over what the world may think.

18 As a child, I have been intrigued with the spiritual beliefs of my fathers, and have paid particular attention to things of a spiritual nature as they were discussed into the late evening.

19 And in an interest and hope to understand beyond what was described to me, I desired to understand what was discussed by them of old. Thus as I wandered with the sheep in the daytime, I looked into the night sky, hoping to glimpse things of a spiritual nature, or that I might perceive spiritual manifestations not known to my fathers.

20 I came to know and understand that the area where I walked was but a little place, small and unimportant to the world, and my safety was found therein.

21 But around the age of 8 years old, I left for school, far away among the Gentile people. I was on a journey like unto my fathers; Joseph being fetched from the pit; Moses being placed in an ark to flow down the river; the Jaredites crossing the great deep and coming into the land of promise; the children of Lehi crossing the desert and the great waters to come to the land of the first inheritance; and many others before me.

22 Here I came to understand greater truths, thus great knowledge was shed upon me. I was given a view of the Book of Mormon, a record containing the dealings of God with my fathers from the beginning, with much more information as prepared for me concerning the Lord’s dealings after Lehi’s seed came upon the land to fulfil the promises made to the fathers.

23 Even among the Gentiles, I came to comprehend that I was not like them, and I sought to comprehend the writings of the fathers as found in the Book of Mormon. In this book there were many passages that I could not receive explanation for from my foster father.

24 These passages I maintained to myself, believing that one day I would understand them.

25 It seemed that in the church much discussion was had among the Gentile people concerning the basic principles of the gospel, and nothing was said concerning the remnant and for what purpose the Lord had brought my fathers here upon the land of promise.

26 Notwithstanding what was contained in the scriptures, I learned that the Gentiles understood that all they had become of the house of Ephraim, though I could not understand how they had come over on the same ship my father Lehi came in, being brought by the hand of the Lord.

27 When I came to serve the Lord as a missionary for the church, I came to understand the Gentile church leadership’s need to bring into the church men with education and money; but I thought to myself: Why then did the Lord seek the poor and the base of the earth?

28 It appeared that the church was relying on the arm of flesh and concerning themselves with what man may think, as in 2 Nephi 4:34, not considering what they Lord has said.

29 For if a man repents, regardless of his social or structural status, he will be filled with light and intelligence which cometh of God. Then why not these people I served among, these Andean Indians?

30 I asked my Heavenly Father why there was such a distinction. Am I not any different than they are? I came to better understand my question posed by reading the scriptures written by my fathers as it pertained to my people, as opposed to the Andean Indian, and the land whereupon my people dwelled. Wherefore, I came to understand things written as they pertain to the workings of the Lord among all people, and what he expects to be done among them, even in these days.

31 I was filled with the understanding that certain things have come to pass and shall come to pass, because it was proposed of the Lord that the fulness of the gospel can only be initiated upon the earth in like fashion.

32 For that reason, my people were smitten and hated, and were scattered upon the face of the earth; and in the fulness of the Gentiles they were scattered and smitten by them until they were naught.

33 Nevertheless, the Lord hath spoken it, and they were given the grace of God that the records of the fathers have come back to them to give them knowledge of their fathers, and who they are unto this day; even that the church and government hath carried them on their shoulders and in their arms, because the Lord hath spoken it.

34 And this act is likened unto them being nourished in a temporal way, but that the spiritual nourishment spoken of should only come to the seed by the one mighty and strong, spoken of by them. And the prophets of old speak of him because they saw him in vision; and this thing I speak of is only known by them and us, by the Spirit which cometh from God. And the Spirit doeth say that there are many parts to this prophecy which is a mystery to many.

35 Nevertheless, the mercy and grace of God is upon them that seek to know and understand this thing, and the Lord shall reveal them to those who are diligent and faithful in all things.

36 And it is for this intent that I have written these things, and many revelations have I received, for I sought to understand the mysteries hidden to the natural man. And this is because of my diligence and faithfulness, and a desire to obtain greater knowledge and understanding.

37 In this manner, the Lord hath been merciful unto me, and has blessed me in great abundance in knowing the mysteries contained in the records of my fathers, and the Lords dealings with them, including the manner the promises and covenants of the Lord shall be fulfilled in the days to come.

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