I Was Born Unto the Remnant

I was born in the year of my Lord 1954, in the month of May, the 24th day of the same month. This was the beginning of a new year, in the spring of the lamb for the people.

In that time, there was much innocence among the people and in the land wherein I was born. The soil of the Mother was fresh and there was much rain. The canyons always had water, much water; for the blessings of the Father was upon us. Every prayer I made and every song I did sing went up to the ear of the Father, and there was much plenty in the gardens and in our herds. The Mother gave to us-ward much in season; there was plenty of wild game, and plenty of wild rice and onions, plenty of nuts, and plenty of roots of every kind for nourishment, healing of the body, and the cleaning of the body.

Much joy and happiness came to my family and my extended family, whereunto I am given blessings by my grandfather; and I am told many did come to see my life begin. I am sung to in songs of beauty and songs of harmony, beckoning the spirit of God to attend to me as I should walk the paths of goodness and righteousness to be a true five-fingered person, even that I am considered the child of the earth and a child of the Father in the sky. There was much expectations before, some things I knew not of, and neither did my parents know of as well.

My umbilical cord is placed in the Mother, and the wealth of the family is likewise given to me; the marking of the ear of the sheep is given to me, and a lamb is marked to mark the beginning, and, likewise all things were done for me.

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