Reflections of the Gospel of Christ

Lately, it has occupied my mind continually, that I have been given to much pondering concerning the gospel of Christ whereunder all the blessings, the laws of God, wherein all the promises and covenants made of God unto the literal seed is made manifest, and wherewith, in these days, God shall move forward his work in finality and whereby all things promised and prophesied shall be completed in finality for all those who have been perfected by that pure gospel of Christ, thereby, those perfected and sanctified shall rejoice with eternal joy and happiness and godly crowning; thus, it is for this I perform the things I have been commanded in the name of Christ and continue to perform to complete each command given unto me in that endeavor, and many things I have come to understand by the power of the Holy Ghost which godhead is given unto all those who come to fully understand that which I am writing.   One cannot ascertain or claim authority given of God if this level of perfection and sanctification is not achieved physically and spiritually; if one thinks it is otherwise, then that person does not understand or know the Christ.  I speak not in partiality of knowledge or partiality of keeping the commandments, or partiality in obedience based on ignorance, because if it is so disposed, then one shall always place a higher value on things of this world verses the heavenly truths.  This disposition has always produced a falling away from the truth, that pure gospel of Christ, and this pureness in God’s law has always been revealed in all dispensations wherein man is given a perfect gospel, which he whittles away until he is left with nothing; this is mentioned in the writings of Paul, Nephi, Moroni, Ether, and many other prophets found in holy writ.  Accordingly, God gives much and man makes a decision to dilute, pollute and pervert the right ways of God, this is an eternal truth.

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The Migration

I have studied the Hebrew Language for sometime and the Navajo (Dine) Language as well.  The Egyptian Language has similarities with both Hebrew and Navajo.  I having understood for sometime that languages throughout the world has roots in the original language spoken by our father Adam, and even all the patriarchs; yea, down to Noah and to Abraham, our father of covenant, and in them remained the original language spoken.  I have sought for sometime, a higher understanding of such, that I might be able to glimpse the order of the High Priesthood as spoken, knowing and understanding key words much like unto Moses as he stood before the Red Sea commanding the sea be divided that the children of Israel might come forth and go through.  My thoughts on the subject causes me to consider the language of God and those so chosen as they stood forth and commanded the matter to organize that an earth might be organized in accord with the Holy Priesthood of God since all participating were ordained to that end.  This includes an understanding of the migration of our fathers, from the garden of Eden to the land of the first inheritance, from the Tower to Egypt and into the land of Canaan, and from Ur back into the land of promise; yea, even the return of Lehi and his family back to the land of the first inheritance and Zeniff, being zealous, to inherent the land of the first inheritance as written in holy writ.  Thus, it behooves us to know and understand their purpose, the works they performed, and their lineage to create a seed that is to come, looking more fully to this time; without this understanding, one cannot understanding the working of the Lord.  Yea, it is impossible to fully understand what they have written for this time for they did not change for their God did not change.  Then one must understand and ask, if Jared and his family and friends were able to return, then why did others like Abraham’s family not petition for the same thing?

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