Seminar Information & Contact Details

  • Multiple seminars are planned to be held during the summer of 2022. The first will be held near the end of June. Additional seminars are planned for July and August as well, at locations within both Utah and Idaho.
  • At these seminars a Native American, a literal descendant of Nephi, will be presenting on what the scriptures teach concerning the Gentiles and the Remnant (Lamanite) cause spoken of in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon, as well as the duties and responsibilities associated with point of doctrine.
  • If you are interested in attending, please send requests for additional details (such as location and timing) to the “

Conditions for seminar attendance – Interested individuals:

  1. Must bring their own scriptures.
  2. Must have previously read the Book of Mormon, in its entirety.
  3. Must arrive on time and be able to stay for the entire duration.
  4. The seminars are offered free of charge, however associated travel costs and meals are the responsibility of the attendee.
  5. We understand that many have young children in the household, however this seminar is designed for adults only. Childcare is not provided and other arrangements must be made prior to attending.